OUR LADY OF MERCY ( 2019) oil on canvas 14″ x 17″inches frame includes.


oil on canvas

size 14″ x 17″inches frame includes.

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The Virgin of Mercy or Our Lady of Mercedes is one of the Marian invocations of the Virgin Mary. The name of Virgen de la Misericordia is also equivalent.

The meaning of the title “Mercy” is above all “mercy.” The Virgin is merciful and so should her children. This means that we turn to it first of all with the desire to resemble the merciful Jesus. The iconography used to represent the Virgin of Mercy is defined from the 16th century, consisting mainly of the Mercedarian habit: tunic, scapular and cape, all in white, with the Mercedarian shield on her chest. Other recurring elements are the chains and the shackle, also symbols of captivity. She normally, in addition to the scapular of her habit, she carries another small one in her hand that she offers to the faithful.