“SACRED HEART OF JESUS”original painting oil on canvas, 19″ x23” inches.


June 24

Lord Jesus Christ, Redeemer of mankind,
we turn to your Most Sacred Heart
with humility and confidence, with reverence and hope, with a deep desire to give you glory, honor and praise.
Lord Jesus Christ, Savior of the world,
we thank you for all that you are
and everything you do.
Lord Jesus Christ, Son of the Living God,
we praise you for the love you have revealed
through Your Sacred Heart,
that was pierced by us
and has become the source of our joy, the spring of our eternal life.
Gathered together in Your name,
that is above every name,
We consecrate ourselves to your Most Sacred Heart,
in which dwells the fullness of truth and charity. By consecrating ourselves to You, the faithful (person or place) renew our desire to respond with love to the rich outpouring of your merciful and full love. Lord Jesus Christ, King of Love and Prince of Peace, reign in our hearts and in our homes. Defeat all the powers of the evil one and lead us to participate in the victory of your Sacred Heart.
May we all proclaim and give glory to You,
to the Father and the Holy Spirit, the only God who lives and reigns forever and ever! Amen.

For inquiries regarding this painting, including pricing information, please contact the artist. You may reach the artist by phone at (865) 8514308